The project intention was to regenerate the small town called Fryerstown, 125 km out of Melbourne, that are “fading away” through a series of community-based programs such as an art gallery, artist-in-residence, archive, outdoor cinema, as well as other community based programs.
My own Ephemeral Architecture Project was based on the narrative about the presence of the Chinese miners on the Gold Field. The Chinese Miners, at one point in time, was the biggest population in Fryerstown. 

Fryerstown, once prominent town of the Victorian Gold Rush era is now an abandoned town with population of only 350.
From that abandoned state, its history was missing. The heritage of Fryerstown’s gold mining period was no longer visible. When people finally moved away, they took everything with them, nothing was left behind. 

The emptiness allowed for a new awakening. 

My approach was to uncover the Chinese Miners’ histories of Fryerstown that had been buried by revealing the layers of history through the series of shed spread across the site. 

I also incorporated a lot of the Chinese Fengshui Elements as well as re-interpreting their experiences and journeys as part of the design processes. 

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