Gilbert Ganda is a 21 years-old aspiring architect and photographer. Gilbert's interested in a wide range of design field. Architecture, Photography, Fashion and Graphic Design to name a few.

Gilbert attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), and received a Bachelor's degree in Architecture with Distinction. During his study too, he explored and picked up some skills in photography, print-making, graphic design and styling.

Growing up in Medan, the food-heaven of Indonesia, Gilbert had grown up to be someone who is passionate about foods, from hawker foods to three-star Michelin stars dining. Gilbert believes in doing foods justice by making them look as good as they taste. To allow people to taste the foods visually.

For more information about Gilbert, regarding employment opportunities, collaborations, or even just to say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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Gilbert's interest in architecture began at a very early age where he got the opportunity to travel the world and witnessed some of the world best architecture and construction methods. One of the most remarkable trip is a trip to Xiamen, China where he visited his grandfather's heritage home, and learn about the detailed and intricate ceiling and detailing that were all hand-made.

Gilbert is also interested in residential works since he was young which the ability to be able to design his own home in the future was one of the biggest aspiration. Gilbert believes in helping people to realise their dream and being able to reflect a person's personality and character into their home.

Gilbert started to pursue formal education in Architecture since 2013 and had been consistently achieving High Distinction for series of Design Studios, Communication and Technology classes. Gilbert had particularly showed interest in innovative design that incorporated cultural elements such as a place's background and history as well as sustainability.


Growing up in a family who appreciated fashion, Gilbert was introduced to fashion from a very young age.

Gilbert started to learn more and pursue fashion in 2009 when he started to read more and widen his knowledge about fashion, from trend-forecasting to pattern making. Gilbert's interest in fashion was also the motivation for him to start his own fashion blog with his two sisters, Gracia and Gladys..

With the raise and introduction of social media platforms such as instagram and Twitter, Gilbert had been fortunate to come across more like-minded people who appreciate fashion just as much. Gilbert is also interested to expand his fashion photography skills.

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